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Episodes can drag, and though the abundant dialogue is scarily realistic at times, personalities are mostly stereotypical.Banner ads run across the top of the screen throughout the game.And while it might be a fair first step into the dialogue-heavy, gameplay-lite genre for DSi owners, its subject matter leaves a little something to be desired -- because, well, most all of us have had enough high school drama in our real lives to need a second dose of it virtually.Surviving High School places you in the role of a new student at Centerscore High.

A "More EA Games" link takes players to a list of more apps available from the developer.

If Foles’ elbow soreness continues to hold him out of the preseason, the Eagles may have no other choice than to keep Matt Mc Gloin as the third stringer.

Otherwise, I think they can get away with just two quarterbacks.

Welcome to Centerscore High, where the game changes with every choice you make. Play the premiere "Football Season" storyline plus seven episodes for hours of game play. Master intense minigames and ace pop quizzes along the way. Earn four "great endings" and unlock a special BONUS EPISODE.

Kick off your story-driven adventures as the new kid in school.

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